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VAT & Payroll


VAT Services 

VAT threshold is £85k on a 12 month period . This is a rolling basis and not just based on your financial year. 

Alternatively if at the start of any 30 day period you expect to turnover £85k or more in those 30 days then you need to register.

If you are getting close to this turnover or you want to understand if it is beneficial to voluntarily register then please speak to us to see what VAT options are best for you.

VAT can be a complex tax and often overlooked by many businesses to allow software to process their VAT with any professional overview.

At Forth Accountancy we offer VAT return services provided by a tax professional who will review your transactions to ensure that you are processing VAT correctly and that you are not over paying.


Payroll Services 

Paying employees is one of the most important areas of a business. This meets an employees basic needs of security through employment.   

We offer a payroll service that will ensure efficient and on time processing of payroll and payroll admin.

Let us take the headache of dealing with pension admin, onboarding and payroll compliance.

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