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How's it going?

I am a month into full time self employment, so just how is it going?

Firstly and foremost I am enjoying it immensely. The early work put in to develop clients and connections prior to me starting full time start is paying off. I have a busy few months of work that is both diverse and interesting, which is just what I wanted to achieve for my career.

I have set myself high standards in customer service and timelines, and I have quickly learnt to allow myself more time to achieve these objectives.

Starting the day with 7 minutes of mindfulness helps me to focus for the day ahead and après work exercise helps to unwind and process the day.

Whilst I enjoy a tea break with my husband, who is also working from home, I realise I miss the chit chat of the office more than I thought. Listening to what others have got up to at the weekend or sharing recipes or discovering new books and films. This new role will challenge me to keep in touch and make time for those people with whom I developed friendships with in my last employment .

And finally, my vision of having time and flexibility to walk/run when I wanted, sip tea in the sun in the garden and definitely have time to work ‘on’ and not ‘in’ the business, were maybe a tad unrealistic!! Running a business is rewarding and hard work, why on earth did I think it would be different for me!!!

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